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Asphalt Driveway Paving Services in Lebanon, PA

Lebanon Paving Pros is proud to serve homeowners in Lebanon, PA, the area with professional driveway paving services. Whatever home improvement project you have coming up, we have a robust menu of service options that can restore your driveway’s beauty – no matter what state it is in. Our experienced paving contractors are professional, courteous, and knowledgeable.

Serving all of Lebanon, PA

We utilize our expertise working on large-scale commercial asphalt paving projects to install reliable asphalt driveways for residential clients in the Lebanon, PA, area. We have the tools, materials, and training to complete even the most complex asphalt driveway paving jobs. If you have an old driveway that you want to update, redesign, resurface, or replace, we are the ones to call! We provide free quotes and consultations.

Full-Service Driveway Contractors

We also offer long-lasting residential asphalt repairs if your paved driveway needs repair. Proper maintenance extends your driveway’s lifespan and prevents more extensive damage. We provide free quotes for all of our asphalt repair services. Our paving contractor will visit your property to discuss your options for repairing cracks, resurfacing your asphalt driveway, or performing long-lasting repairs. We’re here to help, so call us to learn more about our services today.

Keep Your Driveway In Good Condition

A driveway in poor shape lowers curb appeal and could even be a hazard for your family. Our experienced driveway pavers offer expert advice for every driveway repair project. We are happy to provide free consultation on your existing driveway to see if you need an entire driveway replacement or just driveway repair and asphalt sealcoating.

Prompt Repair Saves Money

A properly maintained driveway can save you money in the long run by keeping your driveway’s foundation structurally sound. Repairs such as pothole filling and sealing prevent water penetration and foundation deterioration. Routine maintenance, such as asphalt sealcoating, prevents surface damage from winter salt and chemical spills and other benefits.

When asphalt is damaged with potholes and large cracks, it can allow water infiltration that causes more extensive damage. It is especially damaging if water seeps through larger cracks before freeze-thaw cycles occur. Performing prompt repair that addresses the underlying cause will prevent further damage and restore the smooth surface of your asphalt driveway. We recommend checking your driveway yearly for cracks and having them filled or sealed before winter.

What’s the Difference Between Crack Sealing and Crack Filling?

Asphalt is durable, flexible, and can withstand lots of wear and tear and even occasional overloading because of these features. However, the earth’s shifting can cause deep cracks in your asphalt surface. Even if you notice just a few small cracks, have them checked to prevent further damage.

  • Crack sealing is completed with a high-quality rubberized crack sealer. It fills in the cracks and allows for future flexing while preventing water and debris infiltration. It is more expensive than a crack filling but well worth the cost as it is a long-lasting repair that prevents future damage.
  • Crack filling is performed with an asphalt-based crack filler. This asphalt filler is used for static cracks that are unlikely to shift. These cracks are filled to prevent water infiltration that could cause deterioration of your driveway’s foundation. 

Benefits of Seal Coating Your Driveway

Driveway sealing involves laying down a thin layer of high-quality sealer that acts as a protective barrier. Asphalt surfaces have beneficial oils that keep them pliable and strong, and a seal coat can help preserve these. If the oils are depleted from the drying effects of exposure to UV rays and damage caused by extreme weather, then your driveway can become brittle and prone to crumbling. Regular sealcoating with coal tar or asphalt emulsion driveway sealer is a cost-effective measure that helps reduce long-term repair costs.

Applying sealant restores fresh asphalt’s rich, dark look to older driveways. It has a relatively short drying time and is ready for foot traffic after only a few hours. Each application is usually practical for residential asphalt for a few years, making it a simple, cost-effective way to protect your driveway.


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Asphalt Driveway Installation

Whether you want to add a new driveway to your property or your old driveway has seen better days, our driveway pavers are here to help. We are highly experienced in asphalt driveway installation and provide free consultations on your existing asphalt or new driveway options!

Driveway Resurfacing

Resurfacing your existing asphalt can repair widespread damage without replacing your entire driveway. The resurfacing process keeps the base layers intact and paves a fresh layer over the existing surface. You end up with a flawless, new, fresh asphalt surface.

Widen/Extend Driveway

Widening or extending your driveway can provide that extra driving comfort for homeowners. It also provides a different parking spot making it easier for guests and family members to navigate and park without blocking access to other vehicles. Call today for a free estimate!

Asphalt Patching

Potholes and cracks can be dangerous as well as unsightly. We patch potholes, repair crumbling tree roots, and perform high-quality, long-lasting repairs you can trust.

Driveway Seal Coating

Asphalt sealer provides many benefits: it restores the rich dark color of new asphalt, prevents your asphalt from drying out, and is a protective layer that helps control oil stains!